100% dust free wood floor restoration

Wood floor restoration by Edwards Flooring (11)If you’re looking to have a wood floor sanded, renovated and restored in Bromley, then look no further. As Bromley wood flooring experts we have renovated many wooden floors over the years – and the results are always spectacular.

We use professional sanding machinery fitted with dust extractors to minimise the mess; in fact, our wood floor sanding procedure is 100% dust free to avoid disruption to your home. We fill in any gaps in the wood and treat the wood to a finish of your choice. The resulting transformation is always stunning – you can see for yourself here:

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Wood floor restoration by Edwards Flooring (6)

Our wood floor restoration and renovation service is available for all types of wooden flooring, including parquet flooring, and we get great satisfaction from knowing that we do a superb job. Our customers are always delighted with the results.

To find out more about our wood floor sanding and renovation services, give us a call on 020 8249 7646 to arrange a no-obligation home or site visit, or pop into our Shortlands showroom.

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Please call 020 8249 7646 after 10am on the day of your home visit if you require a more specific time of arrival. Evening appointments can be arranged upon request.

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